With our combined experience of over 60 years in the maritime industry, and has served in senior positions on board ships and in ship management, we are well geared to not just be marketers of our services but share our technical experience with our clients, and be their technical partners.

Taking one's vessel to unknown shores for repairs, leaves a lot of doubts and questions in the mind of ship owners and managers, as to how things will unfold.  We are here to remove the element of doubt and ensure owners and managers that their vessels will receive specialized attention, there will be no cost escalation, the quality of job will meet the best industry standards and time commitments will be fully honored, unless the project is subjected to any force majeure.

We will act as a bridge between the service providers and our clients. We will be willing to share our technical knowledge with our client and assist them in making the right technical decisions. Our technical assistance will come at zero cost, as a part of value addition to our services. Wherever we see the project is not going as per expectation, we will fly our senior chief engineer to assist the vessel to resolve issues.

With the volume of business that we generate for the shipyards, we can assure preferential rates for our clients. By using us, our clients will receive preferential treatment while at repair yards and the complete technical support from our end, making it a pleasant experience for our clients.

List of services that we offer:

1)      Dry Dock Representation.

2)      Retrofit of Scrubbers and  BWTS

3)      Riding Repair Teams

4)      Diving Support

5)      Trouble Shooting on Vessels in Canadian Waters

6)      Spares and spares reconditioning

7)      Technical Superintendence while in repair yards or Canadian waters.